EurosibPower Engineering | Reconstruction of the centralised heat supply system of Avan district of Yerevan

The reconstruction of the centralized heat supply system of the Avan district, Erevan, the Republic of Armenia.
CJSC "ArmRosKogeneratsiya" is implementing the project "Heat in every home" – the reconstruction of centralized heat supply system of the Avan district, Erevan, the Republic of Armenia. This company a joint venture company established in 2006, founded by LLC "EuroSibEnergo-engineering" from the Russian side .
The construction of Avan district has been carried out in 1977. It is a large residential area, located in the north-eastern part of the city of Yerevan at around 1200-1300 m above sea level. At the same time the system of centralized heat supply was started its functioning and had been operated in full capacity until 1992 in Avan district. Existed boiler-house stopped its functioning in 2003.
Today Armenia is 90% gazified, power system has been restored, but district heating has been completely lost, and the population has started to use individual heating system with high energy tariffs.
This project is a socially significant and aimed not only to provide the population with the necessary supplied services of heat and hot water, but also to reduce environmental emissions. This is achieved through the implementation of modern technologies of combined heat and electric power with high efficiency fuel usage, distribution and heat metering in multifamily buildings.
The project includes:
• construction of an autonomous heating power plant AHPP-1 in the two piston units Caterpillar G3520S and G3520E (electric capacity of 2 MW and heat capacity 2.27 MW each); the boiler KV-G-7,56-115N production of "Dorogo-buzhkotlomash" (capacity 7.56 MW).
• reconstruction of the central heating unit (CHU ¾) and the construction of the heating bridge between AHPP-1 and CHU ¾.
• construction of thermal, magistral, and intra housing networks of 6 districts: Varuzhan, Ovannisyan, Isahakian, Narekatsy, Kuchak and Tumanyan;
• assembly works to connect consumers to the AHPP-1 and CHU ¾: Total is planned to connect 76 houses with a population of 10 thousand persons.
Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia was issued "Resolution on the release of pollutants from stationary sources into the air", which confirms the fact that the using in the construction of modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies in the AHPP-1, environmental emissions are reduced to a minimum.